An end and a beginning

This will be the Rector Search Team’s last post for awhile, as we dive into the logistics and discernment of the interview process.

On Thursday, September 11, we were given the names of the candidates we will consider as the next Rector of Christ Church.  This is the culmination of many months of preparation and seeking parishioners’ thoughts and concerns through the parish survey and church hall meetings.  Then we reached out with a wide net via our interactive parish profile and posts to Twitter.  The diocese and national church also did their significant part to gather candidates for us.

The previous week, we conducted a mock interview with a clergy person to try out and time our interview questions. The session was very productive and rewarding, with the priest commenting that the Search Team seems to have bonded and works together very collegially. Based on that experience, we are tweaking the interview questions one more time.

As we have discussed our group discernment, one of the important qualities we must pray for is indifference.  Indifference in this context doesn’t mean we don’t care.  It means we have prayed to make our decision based on agape (service in love) and not any kind of personal agenda or with baggage we have brought to the table.

As the Franciscan friar, Richard Rohr, wrote recently about discernment:

What is my agenda? What is my predisposition? What are my prejudices? What are my angers? This discernment process is often called the development of our “third eye” or maybe third ear. It refers to the ability to stand away from ourselves and listen and look with some kind of calm, nonjudgmental objectivity. This process is normally quite difficult at first (thus most people never go there), but it is absolutely necessary for truth and freedom. Otherwise the “I” that I am cannot separate from its identification with its own thoughts and feelings.

Please pray for the Rector Search Team as we enter this most critical period of our search. We are sworn to confidentiality. If you hear any rumors about a particular candidate or the process, you can trust that they are not true, and we ask that you be firm and shut them down.


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