Discerning our next Rector

The Rector Search Team is preparing for a mock interview with a volunteer clergy person this Thursday (September 4) at its weekly meeting.  The team worked on a set of interview questions and will treat this session as if it were an actual interview with a rector candidate. We also hope to receive feedback from the “pretend” candidate.

We are now just a couple of weeks away from receiving names of candidates from the Diocesan Standing Committee.  The same day we receive the names, we will call the candidates and start to schedule interviews.  Once that process starts, it will not be possible to share information with the parish.  We are following the standard procedure in the Diocese: the candidates will visit Dover and be interviewed by the entire team.  Then subgroups from the Rector Search Team will visit the candidates at their parishes, to include a Sunday service.

If you are interested in the details of the process we have been following, the Guide to Parishes in Transition is available on the Diocesan website.

Meanwhile, we have been preparing ourselves for the actual discernment, reading and discussing the book, “Discernment: the Art of Choosing Well,” by Pierre Wolf.  It describes individual and group discernment based on the spiritual tradition of St. Ignatius.  Lee Ann Walling gave a presentation, included below, on the book and its principal themes; click on the arrows to view it.  Unlike consensus, a decision by discernment (if done correctly and if individuals have prepared themselves with prayer) is unanimous and based on the Gospel quality of Agape, unique to Christianity – incarnation, sacrifice, universality and communion.

Please continue to pray for the Rector Search Team.

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