Music and choir

Here at Christ Church Dover, we employ a wide variety of musical styles and genres to support our diverse and vibrant worship services.


The Gospel “Mass of Glory” is performed a few times a year by Music Director Jon Rania, right, and the choir.

We are blessed to have several resources at our fingertips. In addition to The Episcopal Hymnal 1982, we utilize on a regular basis the supplemental hymnals; “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and “Wonder Love and Praise.” We also use Taize, Iona, Gregorian and Anglican Chant. Some of our most uplifting and spiritually fulfilling programs are our famed Gospel Masses which are held periodically throughout the year. We are also blessed with a well-balanced, four part (SATB) Adult Choir, a seasonal (Christmas & Easter) children’s choir and many gifted and talented instrumentalists and soloists.

While our main instrument for liturgy is our magnificent Moeller Pipe Organ which was refurbished recently, we also have a very nice digital grand piano that grace our worship space. We are always looking for additional talented musicians who want to praise God in song. Feel free to contact our Jon Rania, our music director,  if you are interested in helping to make musical praise here!

The choir and parishioners sign “O Happy Day,” featuring Archdeacon Patricia Malcolm.
The Christ Church choir sings “Ave Maria,” as arranged by Michael Perza.