Viewers far and wide

We may not know exactly who is viewing our Rector Search page on the website, but we know we are getting a lot of hits from beyond Delaware.


Where our website viewers are coming from.

A Google Analytics snapshot of the period from May 1 through August 7 shows that there have been 1,207 sessions on our website, including 804 new users. They look at an average of 2.93 pages per session and stay on our website an average of about 3 minutes. Visitors to the Rector Search page stay there an average of 3:37 – plenty of time to take a look around and download the Parish Profile.

Looking at behavior, the majority go from the home page to the Rector Search page or directly to the Rector Search page from an external link.  Besides the Diocese’s efforts on our behalf, we have also been sending regular Tweets about our search to reach the large number of Episcopal priests who use Twitter.

Google Analytics tell us that many of the visitors are from outside Delaware (see chart). Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, New Jersey and Maryland are the top five.  But we are seeing visitors from as far away as California.  We can even see what city they are from: In Virginia, our 53 visitors are from Alexandria (14), Richmond (13), Ashburn (11) and it falls off from there – down to Big Stone Gap (1).  When we receive our list of candidates, it will be interesting to see if any of these finalists turn out to be from some of these locations.

Update: The Rector Search Team has finalized interview questions and a calling script and is waiting to receive names of candidates.  Interviews should begin in late September. Please pray for the Search Team and their discernment.

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